Saturday, January 19, 2013

Passing of a Legend

It's a sad day today in Cardinal Nation. Our beloved Hall of Famer Stan Musial passed this evening in his home in Ladue, Missouri. He was 92. Stan was a gamer and he loved this town. I always enjoyed seeing hm on opening day waving to all the fans as he sat in the golf cart. As a small kid at family gatherings I could remember the family talking about Cardinal Baseball and one name has always been a main topic on who is their favorite Cardinal player. It was always Stan Musial before Enos Slaughter. Stan spent 22 years with the St.Louis Cardinals. He hit 475 home runs and had a .331 batting average after retiring in 1963. He loved the fans, I heard once he would carry pictures of himself that where already signed so he could hand them out when he was in the public eye.. I remember being at a big sports convention in downtown St.Louis. This was also way before Winter Warm Up. I was standing in line to get a Brian Jordan autograph and the table near by had Stan Musial hamming it up with the fans. There was a lot of laughter and then all of a sudden he pulled out his harmonica and played Take Me Out to the Ballgame. As I stood there I realized my love of the game isn't all about autographs its the feeling of pride for the Cardinal team and the players that make this team our favorite pass time here in St.Louis. Stan Musial is the man that brought this team to be a respectful franchise. Stan will be missed. God Bless the Musial Family.

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