Friday, November 2, 2012

McGwire to Leave Cardinals for Dodgers

Well the end of the era is over. The last of the LaRussa regime gone. The St.Louis Post Dispatch reported today that Big Mac took the batting coach job with the Dodgers. The main reason for this move had to do with Mark's desire to be with his wife and kids. They are currently living in Orange County. I have to admit that McGwire's coaching ability to improve the bats of Allen Craig, Matt Carpenter and David Freese but the sudden lack of power in the playoffs with the Giants did hurt us. As of now Mike Matheny and the club are still looking into a replacement for the bullpen coach.
So I wonder who could be McGwire's replacement, it would need to be someone that would be aggressive and firm to keep this team afloat as Central Divison power source. So I came up with a list of possible batting coach for the Cardinals.

1. Lance Berkman, great leader and very well respected among the Cardinal Players

2. Larry Walker, not much going on with Larry but he would love to get back to the game. Would be a great coach for the young Redbirds that will be coming up.

3. Mike Aldrete, already knows the players. Great motivator.

4. Willie McGee, I thought it would be fun to throw out his name again. What a grand return it would be. Still very much a popular icon here in St.Louis. Matheny would love this move.

5. Andy Van Slyke, well he is looking for a job.

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