Friday, December 9, 2011

So Long Albert, oh and Good Riddance

I didn't expect it to happen but it did. Albert Pujols signed a 10 year deal worth $250mm with the Los Angeles Angels. I don't have a problem with Albert leaving but I would have to say he is a big fake. For someone that wanted to be a Cardinal for life he sure bolted for the best offer. The smart thing he did was to go to a AL team where he can last 10 years. I really think he wanted to go anyway. The Cardinals did approach him before a few years ago to offer an extension but he said he wanted to wait. Last year before Spring Training the Cardinals approached again but told the team to wait till the end of the season. When it came to free agency this season he still did not want to talk with the Cardinals. Letting Albert walk is the best thing the Cardinals could of done. With that money they can find a shortstop and an outfielder, better yet wouldn't it be great if the Cards sign Prince Fielder. He is 27 years old and can still hit. This team can win without Pujols. Mozeliak did say he will fill the void left by Pujols. It will be fun to see who they Cards will find in order to build the team up once again. Since Pujols is a type A player the Cards will get a first round pick #19 and a round one sandwhich pick.

According to a source familiar with the conversation, the Cardinals have explored what the market is for outfielder Carlos Beltran, who fits the profile of the team's needs with Craig on the mend.
Beltran, who will turn 35 in April, hit .300 with 22 homers and 84 RBIs in 2011, a season he split between the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants. Coming back from knee surgery, Beltran played right field last season after a career in center. The Cardinals would like to find a righthanded-hitting center fielder to complement Jon Jay and that could be the outfielder who fills in for Craig early in the season. A switch-hitter with a career on-base percentage of .361 and slugging percentage of .496, Beltran fits that description. The Cardinals have also re engaged talks with Raphael Furcal.

I feel that Pujols leaving has made the Cardinals a much better team.