Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Joel Pinero Heartbroken and Other Musings

A few days ago Team Puerto Rico's Manager Jose Oquendo told Joel Pinero he won't be needing him in his rotation this year in the World Baseball Classic. Pinero shot back saying that Oquendo disrespected him by not choosing him as a starting pitcher for the team. In a meeting with LaRussa, Pinero got very emotional over the ordeal. To me it seems the reason Oquedno decided not to take him has to do with Pinero being the Cardinals 5th pitcher in the rotation. Pinero needs to stay for Spring Training to prepare himself.

The Cardinals staged their first full-squad workout Tuesday with only one position player not on the field.

Four weeks after surgery repaired damaged muscle near his right shoulder, third baseman Troy Glaus is not close to resuming baseball-related activities and remains more than a month from appearing in a Grapefruit League game.

The 40-minute operation "could have been absolutely nothing," Glaus said. "It could be what it is now: eight, 10 or 12 weeks (from the date of the surgery). It could have been four to six months, or it could have been six to 12 months. I had no idea. I didn't think it would be eight to 12 months because there was nothing on the picture. But no one knew for sure."

Team officials set Glaus' possible return at mid- to late April. Unknown is whether he will require a minor-league rehab assignment before being activated. Glaus described the timetable for his return as "kind of vague." He has yet to swing or throw since surgery and is still not allowed to lift weights. Speaking publicly for the first time since surgery, Glaus said the exploratory procedure's timing is regrettable but can be explained by the failure of several MRI tests to detect the problem.

So who will be out next Third Baseman? I think it will be David Freese. This kid has power and a great defensive abilities.

David Freese